Accommodation and Travel Support :
  • Category 1:

    Limited accommodation is available at Goa University Guest House on subsidized rates (shared non-air conditioned room at INR 1200 for three nights – 9th, 10th and 11th Oct).

  • Category 2:

    Hotel SinQ – Shared accommodation INR 4,350/- for three nights (inclusive of breakfast and GST)

  • Category 3:

    Hotel SinQ – Single room accommodation – INR 8700/- for three nights (inclusive of breakfast and GST)

Limited travel grants are available from ACM (INR 4,000/- per person), in case your institute is not providing you travel support.

Please apply on the below link in case you need help with accommodation and travel. Please note that subsidized accommodation and travel grant is available only to faculty members and full-time research scholars working in the area of CS education.

*** The deadline for applying for this grant is over ***