Feedback in the form of student performance is by far the most important ingredient to develop curricula and pedagogy for curricular delivery, in an effective manner.

Normally, student academic result data tends to be viewed in isolation. The result data for the class for the semester, for each specific subject is normally what is obtained. Historical data for the same group of students in previous semesters, or for similar group of students for the same subject in previous semesters is normally unavailable for comparison and analysis.

At any rate, such an analysis is difficult to perform manually, for the effort required and the data size are prohibitive factors.

Tools that facilitate extraction, analysis and presentation of information regarding students’ performance in a way that gives historical perspective as well as information regarding socio-economic factors that may have also contributed to student performance apart from syllabus and pedagogy, are, surprisingly enough, not available as a matter of course in colleges.

The Academic Progress Monitoring System is an enterprise-wide web application, designed, developed and deployed to fill that very gap.

This automated tool provides crucial dimensions of information through easy-to-understand graphs, to teachers who decide on pedagogy and also to the curriculum designers, that they would not have had without an automated system.

It helps them gain new insights to gauge student performance and to use this to complete the loop of design-delivery-feedback more effectively. There is also an in-built quality control mechanism in the system.