Title: IoT for India: Opportunities and Challenges


Moderator: Venkat Padmanabhan is with Microsoft Research India. His curiihrent work in the IoT space relates to transportation safety, but he also has a ringside view of other IoT-related work in the lab, including on agriculture and pollution monitoring.

The panelists:

Zainul Charbiwala, Co-Founder & CTO at Tricog Health, which is working on remote heart monitoring


Prasad Pillai, Co-Founder & CEO at Raksha SafeDrive, which is working on sensors and monitoring for improving road safety



Yogesh Simmhan, Assistant Professor at IISc, working on IoT deployments on campus and big data processing for IoT



Amarjeet Singh, Co-Founder & CTO at Zenatix, working on IoT for energy monitoring and management in smart buildings


Ganesh Suryanarayanan, General Manager for Consumer IoT at the Tata Group, working on wearables for factory floor safety and more


The panel plans  to focus their discussion on *concrete* work, opportunities, and challenges in the IoT space, specifically in the Indian context. They feel that this would be of great interest to the audience, since the typical IoT fare one is served is high on hype and buzzwords and light on specifics. Also, they plan to have more of discussion and Q&A than presentations. To this end, each panelist will start with a *3-minute* introduction covering the following (no more than 1 slide on each!):


1.      What IoT-related work are you doing? What’s the opportunity you have identified and where are you in terms of realizing your vision?


2.     What are the most compelling opportunities and the most daunting challenges, technical or otherwise, you see in the Indian setting? This could go beyond what you are working on, possibly into verticals that few are presently looking at .


3.     One (or more) juicy” research problem that students in the audience might want to explore, and possibly even turn into a thesis.



After 3*5 = 15 minutes of these introductory presentations, in the remaining 45 minutes we’ll throw the floor open for questions from the audience, from the moderator, and from the panellists to each other.